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After The Auction


Payment Information   To pay with VISA/MC: Click Here  
















Payment Deadlines:  

A. You are a successful "in-house" bidder (i.e. present at the auction):
Payment is due on the day of the sale, before you remove the item(s) from our gallery.  

B. You were not physically present at the auction, but won as an absentee, phone, LiveAuctioneers or Invaluable bidder:
Payment for your item total is due within 5 days of the auction. Applicable shipping charges are paid separately, after packing is completed.
We cannot determine the cost of packing, shipping and insurance until packing is completed and the box is weighed, measured, etc.  We pack in order of receipt and generally ship for 150-250 customers after each auction.  If you in the second half of our packing order, it may be 2-3 weeks before your package ships.     

Any special payment arrangements must be pre-approved by an authorized representative of Jeffrey S. Evans & Assoc. 
Such arrangements must be requested in writing and authorization must be obtained before you place your bid(s).  

Your timeliness and type of payment directly affect the time allowed for a refund transaction.  Refund policy  

Initial invoices may not include shipping charges.  We pack for shipping upon request only. Go to Shipping Information.    

Additional Payment Information: 
Accounts that are not paid in full within 25 days of the sale date are subject to a 2% monthly finance charge.  

Each returned check is subject to a $50 service charge.  

The buyer is liable for all costs associated with the collection of balances due, including attorney's fees.  

Deadline to confirm receipt of your initial invoice and arrange for shipping or pick up is:

5:00 PM ET on the Friday following the auction (if the sale was held on a weekend)
5:00 PM ET on the Monday following the auction (if the sale was held on a weekday)




We DO NOT accept PayPal.   

Funds are accepted in United States Dollars (USD) only.

Payment Due Date 





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Credit or Debit Card
Item total subject to 19.5% Buyer's Premium   
(Buyer's Premium does not apply to shipping charges.
Items won through LiveAuctioneers are subject to a 24.5% buyer's premium. Items won through Invaluabe are subject to a 24.5% buyer's premium.)

We currently accept VISA® and MasterCard® only.   All cards are processed as credit transactions.  

You may supply your credit card information securely through our website by using this form.  This is not an automatic payment; by using this form, you are providing the information necessary for us to process your credit card. 
Our online form uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology to protect your information (the "s" after http in the online form's URL indicates that the form is "secure").  

To submit by FAX, Click here to print form
To provide your details by phone,
call (540) 434-3939, ext. 0

Cash, Check or Money Order
Subject to 17% Buyer's Premium  

Check or Money Order should be made payable to:
Jeffrey S. Evans & Assoc.
If mailing, please send to:
Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates, Inc.    
 P. O. Box 2638    
 Harrisonburg, VA 22801  
Please DO NOT mail payment to our gallery address.   

Items paid with uncertified checks are held until funds clear our bank.  This may take up to 10 business days for checks drawn on U.S. banks and from 4-6 weeks for international checks. 
You will know that your check has cleared long before we do.  We do not have access to your account information and it may take up to 10 business days from date of deposit before we are notified of a problem check. 
We are happy to release or ship sooner than scheduled upon receipt of legible copies of the front and back of the canceled check.  Please send by email to 

If paying with a personal check you may choose to mail payment for the item total only and provide a VISA® or MasterCard® to pay for the shipping charges.  
This method allows time for your check to clear while shipping charges are pending. 
Once packing is completed and shipping charges are determined we can either rebill you for the shipping charges and wait for your authorization to charge and ship or you can authorize us ahead of time to charge your card and ship as soon as the additional cost is known.
We will email you after your card is processed and the carrier (UPS or USPS) will email you with the tracking number(s) for your package(s).

To expedite shipping, we recommend payment by VISA® or MasterCard®cashier's/certified check or money order.
We can also ship (or release for pick up) sooner than scheduled if you send us front and back copies of the canceled check.  

To avoid repeat invoices and/or follow-up calls/emails, please let us know that you are mailing your payment
Note: your payment method should be addressed when you contact us to confirm receipt of your invoice.  Contact should be made within our deadline. See general invoice instructions.      

Bank Wire Transfer
Subject to 17% Buyer's Premium + Additional Service Fee(s) 

A bank service fee (currently $14.00 USD) applies per transaction from our bank. You will be responsible for any additional fees incurred from any intermediate bank that the funds may go through.  
The total amount wired must include the $14.00 bank fee as well as any fees charged by YOUR financial institution along with any intermediate bank fees that may apply. 
If you must wire funds again to pay a balance due amount, an additional $14.00 bank fee will apply (fee is charged per transaction).

If you wish to pay by bank wire transfer, you must first contact us to obtain our bank details.

This method of payment may still take several business days before funds are credited to our bank. We will not ship or release items for pick up until funds have been credited in the full amount due.

Please let us know payment has been sent so that we may follow-up with our bank to confirm receipt.  
You may contact us by phone (540.434.3939, ext. 0) or email for wiring instructions.





Standard Carriers (Domestic and International)
Shipping Address (Important) 

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The buyer is responsible for all associated shipping costs.   

To expedite shipping, we recommend payment by Visa® or MasterCard®, cashier's/certified check or money order. 

Standard shipping charges include our packing fee and the cost of shipping with insurance (based on current UPS or USPS fees).  A handling fee may be charged for packages that must be taken to the Post Office. Alternate shipping options  

Our account with UPS provides for a daily pick up, therefore no handling fee applies to packages shipped via UPS.

Special requests for alternate methods of shipping are acceptable, but may result in an additional cost to you.

We offer professional packing and shipping services.  All packing is done in-house.
We pack for shipping only upon request and we work in order of request.
Once a package is ready to ship it is weighed, measured and processed through the USPS and/or UPS system in order to determine cost of shipping including insurance and additional services (e.g. delivery confirmation) as applicable. 

Shipping charges include a fee for packing time and materials.  Our time is billed at $18.00 per hour and we use recycled materials whenever possible at no cost to the buyer.  If purchased supplies (e.g. boxes) are used, that cost is passed on to the buyer as part of the packing fee.
(Our $18.00/hour fee is prorated, therefore if a packing job requires 30 minutes and no purchased supplies, the total packing fee would be $9.00.)

The actual cost of shipping/insurance and packing/materials cannot be determined until packing is completed.  Once known, the shipping charges are applied to the buyer’s invoice and he/she is notified of the cost by email (or by phone if we have no email).
We may pack/ship for 150-250 people after each auction.  The entire post-auction process generally takes 2-3 weeks to complete. 
We work as quickly as possible, however, not everyone can be first in line.  If you are are in the second half of our packing order, it may be 2-3 weeks before your package ships.  We appreciate your patience and assure you that we will take excellent care of your items. 

Buyers are not obligated to accept our packing/shipping service and are welcome to make other arrangements if desired.

Requests for packing should be received in our office by 5:00 PM ET on the Friday following the auction (if the auction was held on a weekend) or by 5:00 PM ET on the Monday following the auction (if the auction was held on a weekday)

If we have packed for shipping per your request, but the item is picked up at our gallery instead, the packing fee will still apply.   

It is our policy to double-box all glass, ceramics and fragile items with two to three inches of padding (e.g. bubble wrap and/or crumpled paper) between the inner and outer boxes. We do not typically use packing peanuts as those tend to shift during transport.  
We ship for 150-250 customers each month with great success, including international shipments.  We will not compromise on our packing method.
If you have specific packing/shipping instructions (e.g. no insurance, do not double-box), your instructions must be submitted in written form and you accept full responsibility.  (Email is acceptable provided that the email used is the one associated with the bidder account.)   

We will combine multiple items/lots for shipping whenever possible.  If you won by bidding with us directly AND by bidding through Live Auctioneers, although we cannot combine your invoices, we can combine lots for shipping.

Since items must be packed in order to determine shipping charges, you may elect to send payment by check and provide a credit card for the shipping charges.  Shipping charges paid by credit card are not subject to an additional fee.

We do not crate and/or ship furniture, other oversized items, or items of an unusually fragile nature (i.e. items that are already structurally compromised).  If you are unsure whether or not we can ship a lot for you, please ask before you place your bid.

Pick Up Information
The buyer is responsible for coordinating pick up or shipment of any merchandise that we do not ship. 
If we do not ship, you may wish to use a shipper from this list.
Such items should be picked up within two weeks* of the sale date and must be paid in full before leaving our gallery.  Merchandise that is paid with uncertified funds (e.g. personal check) may be held for up to 10 days before we release for pick up.
*We are flexible with this deadline as long as the buyer communicates promptly to make arrangements.  
Standard hours are Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET; however, if you will require assistance from our staff for loading of large items such as furniture, please be sure to coordinate your plans with us in advance so that we can be sure someone will be available.  If our assistance is needed, please also avoid the 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM lunch hour. 
If you cannot pick up during the week, you may come during one of our Saturday auctions to pick up; however, you MUST make any such arrangements in advance.  Items may be in a different storage area; if you come unannounced to pick up during an auction we may not be able to retrieve your items until our current sale has ended.
On auction days, we open at 8:00 AM ET and are here until the end of the auction, which is usually around 4:00 PM ET (the length of sale depends on number of lots sold; we generally sell 80-110 lots per hour). Check our auction schedule.
TEL: (540) 434-3939, ext. 0 or EMAIL

Items not picked up after 2 weeks will be subject to a monthly storage fee.  Any merchandise not removed within 60 days of the sale date will be considered abandoned.  

2177 Green Valley Lane, Mt. Crawford, VA 22841 

Shipping cost is based on the final auction price, packing time, delivery zip/postal code, and number, size and weight of packages; therefore actual shipping charges cannot be determined until the packing process is completed.   

We will gladly provide estimated shipping costs up until one hour prior to closing time the day before the auction.  
Please contact us by phone or email us with the lot number(s) in which you are interested as well as the delivery zip/postal code and country.
It is our sincere intent to provide an accurate shipping estimate (within 20% of actual cost), but we are under no obligation to honor an estimated shipping cost.
Post-auction requests for shipping estimates/quotes may delay the actual packing of your items by at least one business day. 

Our standard carriers are:

A physical address is required for UPS delivery.  We will also need a contact phone number for the recipient (in case the UPS driver has any problems with the delivery)  

An adult signature will be required for delivery of any UPS package that contains firearms (we sell antique firearms only) and any package that contains an item or items valued at $1,000 or more.  Buyer may waive signature required on high value packages, but waiver must be received in writing.  Email is acceptable if email used is the same as on the bidder account.      

Our UPS account provides for a daily pick up at our facility (Monday through Friday only); therefore, with the exception of Canadian and International shipments, UPS is generally less expensive than USPS

An address correction fee may apply (currently $18.00) if the delivery address is changed after the shipment has been processed or if UPS determines that the delivery address is invalid and subsequently makes a correction in order to deliver your package.   If the correction is due to an error on the buyer´s part, the buyer will be responsible for payment of the UPS fee.
Corrections may include the addition of an apartment or suite number, correction to street name, correction to zip code, etc.

If we are NOT shipping to the address on your invoice, we must have the alternate delivery address BEFORE packing is completed. 
If we must make corrections to the delivery address AFTER packing is completed, an additional service charge may apply. 
Changing the address after packing is completed may alter the shipping cost and/or require additional time and effort by our packing crew.  We always include an address label inside each inner box in case the package is damaged to the point that the address label is missing or illegible. If the address is changed after packing is completed we must open the box(es), change all address labels and secure the package(s) again. 

If you prefer USPS to UPS for shipping within the USA, please let us know when you contact us to make arrangements.  Keep in mind that a handling fee may be charged for packages that must be taken to the Post Office and the cost of shipping and insurance may also be higher through USPS. (Because of our account with UPS, shipping via that carrier is generally the most affordable option.)
We do not have a FedEx account, therefore if we must process your package(s) for FedEx pick up, a handling fee may apply in addition to the packing fee.

Insurance is mandatory unless the buyer provides a written waiver of insurance coverage. (Email is acceptable as long as contact is made from the email associated with the bidder account.)
Unless the buyer has his or her own insurance, shipping without insurance coverage is not recommended and is at the buyer's risk.

Most International shipments are sent via USPS PMI (Priority Mail International); however restrictions/limitations on allowed package size and insurance coverage vary from country to country.  
The USPS GXG (Global Express Guaranteed) shipping method may allow additional insurance coverage, but this shipping option is typically much more expensive. 
If you have your own insurance, you may waive insurance on your package.  All waivers of insurance must be provided in writing (email is acceptable, but contact must be made from the email associated with the bidder account).   

We will NOT alter our invoices or customs forms to reflect a lesser item value.  Our invoices always reflect the true realized auction price for each lot (i.e. the "hammer" [winning bid] price plus the buyer's premium).  

LiveAuctioneers Winners:  
The address shown on your invoice is as entered in your LA account.  If you want us to ship to a different address, please let us know when you confirm receipt of your invoice.  
To update how your information displays on your invoice, login to your LA account, go to your Profile Page and then Edit Account.  
Please inform us if you make updates to your LA account details before your transaction has been completed as it will affect the buyer details shown on your invoice..    

Virginia State Sales Tax (5.3% effective 07/01/2013):

If you are tax exempt for your purchases and sales tax is showing on your invoice, please let us know when you contact us concerning payment and shipping/pick up (even if you are a past customer).

Any item purchased by an off-site bidder that is shipped out of the state of Virginia is not subject to VA sales tax. 
  • Exception: Buyer is a VA resident who is not tax exempt for the purchase.

Any item purchased in person at our gallery and then shipped, either in-state or out-of-state, is subject to VA sales tax because the item was purchased in the state of Virginia. 
  • Exception: Dealer purchase with all required tax exemption documentation on file.   

Any item purchased by an off-site bidder that is picked up at our gallery in Virginia is subject to VA sales tax. 
  • Exception:  Dealer purchase with all required tax exemption documentation on file.

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Refunds will be given at the sole discretion of the auctioneer and will only be considered on lots that are determined not to be authentic or have major damage or significant restorations and/or repairs that were not outlined in the condition report. 
Refund requests must be submitted in written form (email is acceptable, but contact must be made from the email associated with the bidder account) and RECEIVED in our office within 25 days of the sale dateAny substantiating documentation and/or photographs must also be received within this deadline.  

Lots catalogued without circa dates are not guaranteed as to age.

All Oriental rugs are sold strictly "as is" with no guarantee as to age, origin or condition.  No refunds will be accepted on Oriental rugs.

Refunds in regard to condition for items purchased in person at the gallery must be requested before those items are removed from the gallery.

All refund requests, including substantiating documentation and/or photographs, must be RECEIVED in our office within 25 days of the sale. 

Refund requests in regard to authenticity must also include at least one supporting written and signed statement from an authority recognized by the auctioneer. 

Your timeliness and type of payment directly affect the time allowed for a refund transaction (if payment method is uncertified check, we may hold items for up to 10 business days from date of deposit before we ship or release for pick up). 

Absolutely no refunds will be made after 25 days from date of auction.

Do NOT return any item until a refund authorization has been obtained from JSE & Assoc. 

Once a refund is approved and the complete lot is returned to the satisfaction of the auctioneer (in the same condition in which the buyer received it), a full refund of the hammer price and buyer's premium will be issued.  We do not refund shipping cost nor do we offer partial refunds. 
See Auction Terms & Conditions and Catalog Guarantee for additional details concerning refunds.

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  LiveAuctioneers (LA) Invoice Instructions

Invoices are sent on the FIRST BUSINESS DAY after the auction.  
To contact us by EMAIL, simply reply to your emailed invoice.
To contact us by PHONE, call (540) 434-3939, ext. 0 (Calls should be placed during OUR business hours)

DO NOT contact us through the LA messaging system.  We do not use that system during the post-auction phase.

5:00 PM ET* (on the Friday following the auction (if the sale was held on a weekend)
5:00 PM ET* on the Monday following the auction (if the sale was held on a weekday)
As a LiveAuctioneers bidder you are immediately notified of lots won.  If you know you won, but do not see an invoice from us within two business days of the date of sale, check your SPAM folder.  If you still do not see it, it is your responsibility to contact us within our deadline to make arrangements for payment and shipping or pick up.
*All times are USA Eastern Time (EST/EDT)

About Your LA Invoice:

Invoices are sent to the email that is associated with your LA bidder account and include a 24.5% buyer's premium.  (The buyer's premium is 24.5% regardless of how you pay.)

Lots won can be verified through your LA bidder account. If you know you won, but do not see an invoice from us within two business days of the auction date, our email may have been rejected as SPAM.  Check your junk email folder!  If you still do not see your invoice, it is your responsibility to contact us within our deadline to make arrangements for payment and shipping or pick up.

Initial invoices will not include shipping charges.  We can pack and ship most items, but we only pack upon request and we work in order of request.  Go to Shipping/Pick Up for additional information.  

Only YOU can alter the buyer data as it appears on your invoice (e.g. name, address, phone) as this information pulls directly from your bidder account.  We can easily ship to an alternate person/address; however, we must have the complete address before packing is completed.  Changes to a shipping address and/or recipient after packing is completed may result in an additional service fee.     

If you make changes to your LA profile details before your transaction is completed, please let us know so that we have your most current account information.   

If you also won by telephone bidding or non-Live Auctioneers absentee bidding, you will receive a separate invoice for those lots.  We can combine all lots won for shipping.    

Click the following links for additional details concerning:

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Gallé Wheel-Carved Marquetry 8" Vase, Circa 1905 - Sold $20,700, January 26, 2008, lot 1034, for the Fenton Art Glass Co. Museum.


C. F. Monroe Co. Nakara Decorated 17 1/2" Vase, Gilt Metal Mounts, Circa 1905 - Sold $11,550, November 15, 2003, for a Pennsylvania private collector.

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