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Most of our catalogues are offered online only and are available on our website 10-14 days prior to the auction date.  Occasionally, when warranted by a particularly exception collection, we will produce a special full-color softbound catalogue in conjunction with the auction. 
Each purchased catalogue includes a list of the realized prices.  Our past sale price lists (2007 to present) are also available online so you can print your own copies as needed.
  • 1998-2007 auction catalogues available at reduced prices -- see items AC-001 to AC-026 on our ORDER FORM.   










AVAILABLE NOW ($65.00* + shipping &/or tax
Alexandria, Virginia Pottery 1792-1876
By Eddie L. Wilder
379-page hardbound book containing more than 700 color photographs and illustrations.    

"A pivotal, must-have volume for all students of American stoneware.  This book adds an important chapter to the history of American stoneware and underscores the significant contributions that private collectors make to the field."   ~Robert Hunter, Editor, Ceramics in America
ORDER CODE: B-004      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order
*Trade discount available on orders of six or more copies.  Please inquire.

Book weight: 3 lbs., 10.6 oz.

AVAILABLE NOW ($100.00 + shipping &/or tax
Virginia Silversmiths, Jewelers, Clocks- and Watchmakers, 1607-1860, Their Lives and Marks
Published by Hollan Press in 2010, this full color, hardbound, 1,092-page book contains 1,798 biographies and more than 930 photographs of marks used by 324 Virginia silversmiths.  A must for collectors, curators, decorative arts historians and genealogists. 

"Assembled from more than 30 years of research, Catherine Hollan has produced the most comprehensive and encyclopedic volume within the field of Southern silver...this tome takes its place among the most ambitious and successful studies of regional American decorative arts ever written." 
~Jeff Evans, Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates, Inc. 
ORDER CODE: B-008      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order
Book weight: 8 lbs., 4 oz.  This book will fit in a USPS medium flat rate box.   

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AVAILABLE NOW ($40.00 + shipping &/or tax)
Pottery from the Shenandoah and Cumberland Valleys
By Dr. George and Connie Manger

The Mangers published this full color, hardbound, 109-page book to accompany the exhibit of their collection, which was mounted at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown, MD from May 16 through September 14, 2003.  Includes an introduction by H. E. Comstock and chapters on potters Daniel Letcher Eberly, Samuel and Solomon Bell, Anthony W. Bacher and the John Bell Family.  
ORDER CODE: B-007      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order

AVAILABLE NOW ($25.00* + shipping &/or tax)
"A Great Deal of Stone & Earthen Ware"
This full-color 108-page softbound book is the accompanying catalogue for the museum exhibit that was on display at the Shenandoah Valley Heritage Center in Dayton, VA from September 7 through December 30, 2004.  Published by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society.
Divided into two sections, an initial essay, A Culture of Clay, pulls together documentary and other evidence to provide a narrative of the county's rich pottery history.  The second section, Catalog of the Exhibition, presents images of the more than 215 pieces that made up the collection studied by co-Curators Evans and Suter.  Detailed notes describe the connections and relationships between the potters and their wares, essentially making this section a separate essay on the specific examples that were photographed for the pottery exhibit.  
Can be autographed by Jeff Evans upon request.  
ORDER CODE: B-005      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order
*Trade discount available on orders of ten or more copies.  Please inquire.
Note: Two copies fit into a USPS Priority Mail envelope.

AVAILABLE NOW ($8.95 + shipping &/or tax)
Counterpanes and White Work of the
Shenandoah Valley 


This black and white, fully illustrated, 24-page softbound book is the accompanying catalogue for the Virginia Quilt Museum exhibit of the same name, for which Jeff and Beverley Evans served as guest curators.  The catalogue includes photographs and research notes for each of the eight examples showcased in the exhibit along with a detailed essay and bibliography.  (The exhibit ran from February 1 through May 12, 2012 at the VQM in Harrisonburg, VA.) 

"The popularity of white-work textiles in the urban regions of the United States endured from the 1790s to the 1830s; however, in the rural areas, especially the Southern backcountry, the tradition lasted until the turn of the 20th century."   
The catalogue is also available at the VQM Museum Store.
ORDER CODE: B-009      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order

AVAILABLE NOW ($24.99 + shipping &/or tax)
Bernhart & Company: Shenandoah Valley Folk Art Fraktur (1774-1850)
This 122-page full color softbound exhibit catalogue was published by The Heritage Museum, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society in Dayton, Virginia for its June 1, 2011 to January 21, 2012 exhibit of the same name. Editors: Pat Turner Ritchie and Exhibit Director Bonnie Lineweaver Paul.   
Although primary focus is on the work of "the prolific Rockingham County fraktur artist, Peter Bernhart," additional regional fraktur artists are also featured, resulting in more than 70 illustrated and translated "treasured decorated certificates celebrating births and baptisms, marriages and house blessings, and other significant family events in the lives of the early German and Swiss settlers." 
The book also includes an index of artists as well as an index of proper names in the text and translations.
Excerpt from back cover: 
This exhibit catalogue is of special interest to genealogists, art historians, collectors, and those with an interest in local history.  Genealogists will research local family connections aided by the translation provided for each fraktur.  Art historians will delight at the unique motifs, colors and artistic style of Virginia Backcountry folk art.  Collectors will appreciate the depth and variety of the local specimens, some of which have been made public for the first time.  Historians will discover the unexplored story of the cultural history of the early German-speaking settlers who were drawn to the fertile Shenandoah Valley, the Colonial frontier of Virginia.  And everyone will have an enduring record of this unique fraktur collection.
ORDER CODE B-010      Pay by VISA/MC  Pay by check/money order

AVAILABLE NOW ($59.95 + shipping &/or tax)
The Curious History of the Bulb Vase
The Curious History of the Bulb Vase looks at the extensive range of bulb vases that appeared in Great Britain from the mid-18th century to date.
This fascinating, thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated hardbound book provides the only in-depth insight into all aspects of the bulb vase and will prove to be the definitive work for glass collectors, bulb growers and horticultural historians alike. 
ORDER CODE B-012      Pay by VISA/MC  Pay by check/money order

AVAILABLE NOW ($40.00 + shipping &/or tax)
Lot of 3 includes one each:
  • Price History and Inventory (2004)
  • A Guide to Reproductions of Greentown Glass (Third Edition)
  • Greentown Glass - A Collector's Guide
All softbound books published by the National Greentown Glass Association, Inc.  Price History (34 pp., text only), Reproductions (96 pp.), Collector's Guide (224 pp.).  Last two edited by James Measell and full of llustrations and color and black & white photos. 
ORDER CODE: B-003      Pay by VISA/MC  Pay by check/money order
Note: Lot of 3 fits into a USPS Priority Mail envelope.

AVAILABLE NOW ($45.00 + shipping &/or tax
The John & Lil Palmer Americana Collection
(Our 04/05/2014 auction catalogue.  Includes list of realized prices.)
On April 5, 2014 we were honored to present the important Americana collection of the late John and Lil Palmer of Purcellville, VA in its entirety at unreserved auction with no additions or deletions. 
The Palmers were well-known and highly-respected collectors of Americana focusing on Virginia and the South with a special emphasis on important Virginia folk pottery.  John recorded detailed provenance and research notes for their collection and many pieces carry publication and exhibition records.  Read the memorial by Jeff Evans.
This full-color illustrated 196-page softbound catalogue includes all 714 lots sold in the auction and features Lot #1 ($74,750 realized auction price!) on the cover.  View entire auction catalogue online with realized prices.  
ORDER CODE: AC-029      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order

AVAILABLE NOW ($10.00 + shipping &/or tax)  
The Pillar Mold Collection of Lyn and Gordon Layton
(Our 09/26/2009 auction catalogue.  Includes list of realized prices.) 
Included: Lots 001-166 (Layton Collection). 
NOT included:  Lots 167-918 (Available online.  See below.)

Our September 26, 2009 Early Glass and Lighting auction featured the important pillar-mold and related collection of Lyn and Gordon Layton of Paris, KY as Session #1.  A special printed catalogue was produced for the Layton collection, which included an educational essay by glassblower and historian Art Reed. 
The 200-piece Layton collection, sold as auction lots 001-166, featured a remarkable 70 pieces in color, including examples from the William Elsholz collection and other collections of note. 

With an introduction by Jeff Evans, this full-color 76-page catalogue includes quality photographs and informative descriptions of all 166 lots in the collection and a 17-page historical essay on pillar-molded glass by glass artist Art Reed. Reed covers design and technique, history, and attribution, making the Layton catalogue an essential volume for all glass collectors and scholars. 
ORDER CODE: AC-027      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order
Note: Two copies fit into a USPS Priority Mail envelope.

AVAILABLE NOW ($10 + shipping &/or tax)
The Duff & Molly Allen Collection: A Survey of American Glass
(Our 10/18/2008 auction catalogue.  Includes list of realized prices.)
Included: Lots 001-530 (Allen Collection)
A full color softbound catalogue was produced for our sale of The Duff & Molly Allen Collection: A Survey of American Glass, which was held on October 18, 2008 under our former company, Green Valley Auctions, Inc.  The 144-page catalogue for this important single-owner sale includes complete descriptions and photographs of all 530 lots as well as an introduction by Jeff Evans and a dedication by Sandwich Glass expert, Joan E. Kaiser, both personal friends of the Allens.  
Among the Allens' nearly 30-year Fallmouth, MA glass and lighting collection were many rare and important examples and outstanding provenances that included George McKearin, William J. Elsholz, Raymond E. Barlow, Lowell Innes, and H. Richard Strand.  The collection also included chemist's items, several groups of Sandwich glass shards, early glass ephemera, and glass auction catalogues and reference books.  This auction catalogue will serve as a valuable reference tool for many years to come.
Sorry, this auction catalogue is not available online.
Each purchased copy of the Allen Collection catalogue includes a list of the realized prices.
ORDER CODE: AC-026     Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order

AVAILABLE NOW ($10.00 plus shipping &/or tax
Important Early American Glass & Lighting
(Our 05/22/2010 auction catalogue featuring the Mackle and Eller collections.  Includes list of realized prices.)
Included: Lots 001-217 (Mackle Collection) and Lots 218-620 (Property of Various Owners, including Eller Collection)
A full color, softbound catalogue was produced for this auction, which featured the important 30-year collection of Larry & Sandy Mackle of Bloomfield Hills, MI, including 50+ pieces purchased at the 1986-1987 William J. Elsholz auctions.  The Mackle Collection represents one of the finest groupings we have ever sold.  Also offered was a large selection of glass formerly in the collection of Dr. E. R. Eller, long-time curator at the Carnegie Museum (Pittsburgh, PA), which included rare Pittsburgh-area blown, cut and pressed wares, a fine selection of witch balls and whimsies, and early bottles and flasks.  Deaccessioned material from the Sandwich Glass Museum (Sandwich, MA) and several other outstanding private consignments were also included in the May 22, 2010 auction.     
Excellent examples of Early American Glass and Lighting are beautifully presented in this 168-page sale catalogue, which along with the realized price list, provides a valuable reference tool for years to come.  
Each purchased copy of the May 22, 2010 catalogue includes a list of the realized prices.
ORDER CODE:  AC-028      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order


AVAILABLE NOW.  ($24.95 + shipping &/or tax)
Come In and Have a Seat: Vernacular Chairs of the Shenandoah Valley  
This full-color, 84-page softbound book is the accompanying catalogue/reference volume for the unique museum exhibit of the same name, for which Jeff Evans was guest curator.  The exhibit, on view at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (MSV) from December 18, 2009 through June 20, 2010, focused on Shenandoah Valley seating forms of the 18th to 20th century.
With copious photographs of chairs featured in the exhibit as well as additional comparable examples, the book also includes a list of Shenandoah Valley chairmakers and related essays by scholars Scott H. Suter, Ph.D., and W. Wayne Anderson.      
~ Dale L. Couch, Curator of Decorative Arts, Georgia Museum of Art 
"Jeff Evans can be very, very proud of this work.  It is rock solid, beautifully designed and well written.  Moreover, it could not have been done by another living person.  Evans' keen fascination with the subject matter and his many years of collecting and research have given us a basis for a lasting understanding of Shenandoah Valley seating.  I am still integrating the information.  Absolutely outstanding work!  I hope it wins an award." 
Also available for purchase through the museum; contact MSV toll free at: 888-556-5799.
ORDER CODE: B-006      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order

AVAILABLE NOW ($20.00 each + shipping &/or tax)
The Glass Industry in Sandwich, Vols. 1, 2 & 4
By Raymond E. Barlow & Joan E. Kaiser

* * * Out-of-Print * * * 

We are offering Volumes 1, 2 and 4 of this comprehensive five-volume series at a greatly reduced price (original price: $95 to $120). 
Each first edition hardbound book is profusely illustrated with color photographs and b&w plates, includes bibliography and index; 326 pp. (Vol. 1), 308 pp. (Vol. 2), 380 pp. (Vol. 4).  
ORDER CODE: B-012-V1, B-012-V2, B-012-V4
Shipping Note: Free shipping does NOT apply to these books due to weight. (Vol. 4 weighs 4.6 pounds)

AVAILABLE NOW ($10.00 + shipping &/or tax)
A Guide to Sandwich Glass (PRESSED TABLEWARE)
By Raymond E. Barlow & Joan E. Kaiser
First edition softbound book, pages not numbered but includes plates 1001-1252 in addition to price guide, glossary and bibliography.  Full color photos for all pieces shown, b&w historical and patent information.  Original price: $29.95.
ORDER CODE: B-011   Pay by VISA/MC   Pay with check/money order


AVAILABLE NOW ($70.00 + shipping &/or tax)

List price: $95.00

Mt. Washington & Pairpoint Glass, Volume One
By Kenneth M. Wilson
A comprehensive history of the firm presented in a 349-page hardbound book with hundreds of photos and illustrations. 
"The factory that would later become Mt. Washington opened for business in South Boston about 1837, and its operations were transferred to an almost new factory in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1870.  Ten years later, the company's directors established the Pairpoint Manufacturing Company, a silver-plating firm, next-door to the glassworks.  The two businesses merged in 1894 and were reorganized as the Pairpoint Corporation in 1900." 
This volume showcases the fine quality glass produced by the company, including pressed and blown wares, lamp chimneys, lanterns, lamps and chandeliers, Iridescent and Sicilian art glass, Rose Amber, Burmese, Peach Blow and Pearl Satin Ware, Cameo and Coraline glass, novelties, salts and toothpicks. 
ORDER CODE: B-002      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order
Book weight: 4 lbs., 14.6 oz.


AVAILABLE NOW ($8.00 + shipping &/or tax)
Tradition & Fashion-Cabinetmaking in the Upper Shenandoah Valley, 1850-1900
This 41-page softbound book, with black & white photographs and illustrations, was published by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society in conjunction with the 1996 exhibit at The Shenandoah Valley Folk Art & Heritage Center in Dayton, VA. 
"The Shenandoah Valley has long been recognized as a source for handcrafted, traditional objects that reflect the ethnicity and heritage of their makers."   
As guest curator for the exhibit, Suter authored this accompanying essay, which is presented in four sections, Tradition and Change, The Cabinetmakers, The Competition, and Conclusions.  
Cabinetmakers featured are: Daniel Suter (1808-1873), Christian Theis (1834-1897) and his brother Henry Theis (1842-1929), Alexander Stuart Coffman (1842-1910), and Adam Wise Kersh (1828-1905).  
ORDER CODE: B-001      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order
Note: Five copies fit into a USPS Priority Mail envelope.

AVAILABLE NOW ($8.00 + shipping &/or tax)
Canvas JSE & Assoc. Tote Bag

12" x 15" x 4" canvas tote bag with company logo

ORDER CODE: TOTE      Pay by VISA/MC   Pay by check/money order





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