BLOWN AND THREADED STAND LAMP transitional whale oil / fluid to kerosene period

Item/Auction Attributes

colorless font with imbedded heavy vertical white threads providing a Pillar Mold effect
Chip to bobeche and marble roughness, otherwise undamaged
13 1/2" h
This lamp is an enigma and currently one of four known to exist with this applied heavy white threading. Two of the known examples have the pressed glass bobeche beneath the font, one has a cast brass prism ring beneath the font and the fourth has no fixture beneath the font. All have different brass stems and single marble bases although one of the stems contain the remains of a damascened design. All of the fonts appear to have been manufactured to accept a #1 collar or of similar thread size with three being brass and one pewter. We feel this is an extremely rare transitional lighting device and suspect few, if any other examples exist. The use of the inverted bobeche would undoubtedly be one of the keys to unlocking the mystery of this little known lamp
Parallels Thuro III, p. 31