DIETZ, BROTHER & CO. EAGLE STEM STAND LAMP whale oil/fluid to early kerosene period

Item/Auction Attributes

Stem with minor dents and minor compression curl, marble roughage
7 1/4" h
Provenance: The Herbert A. Leflet, Jr. Collection.
The Eagle and Dietz marking on this lamp makes it an extreme rarity and one of only four known examples. Two of these are photographed in the Lighting preface to The Dietz & Company Catalog of 1860 (sic) with a third described as having an identical shaft with a slightly dressier molded font. The catalog also provides the following, "With few exceptions, as in the case of patented designs, all the known labeled Dietz pieces used in this study bear the Dietz, Brother & Co. name, putting them in the 1840-55 period. Nearly all the unmarked pieces with Dietz family histories are identifiable in the catalogue of 1860, as are the unmarked attributed pieces. The implication is that Dietz and Company did not generally mark its products between 1855 and 1875 unless it was protecting a patent design." Mr. Leflet adds, "The Dietz Brother & Company suspended operation in 1856 due to financial troubles and when it opened again in 1857 to manufacture the flat wick Vienna burner the name of the company was changed to Dietz and Company. This lamp was probably from old stock and fitted with a threadless collar for the new stopple base Vienna burner"