Item/Auction Attributes

colorless non-lead glass with slight aquamarine tint
Possibly Maryland or Mid-Atlantic region
First quarter 19th century
7 1/2" h, 4 1/4" d rim, 4 1/2" d foot
Published: Antiques Magazine, Vol. 54, October 1948, p. 254; The Glass Club Bulletin of The NAGC, No. 199, Summer 2004, p. 16; The Antiuqes Guide to Decorative Arts in America 1600-1875," by Elizabeth Stillinger for The Magazine Antiques, p. 252.
Loaned: Corning Museum of Glass, October 6, 1969 - January 11, 1971
Exhibited: "Amelung Glass", March 11 to June 9, 1952, The Maryland Historical Society, Section III - "Possibly by Amelung", item No. 37
GVA, Spring 2002, lot #810, which was accompanied by a 1986 correspondence from Arlene Palmer Schwind which relayed, "Back in 1977 when I examined the pitcher (in the photo) enclosed I felt it emanated from the mid-Atlantic area, possibly Maryland and was made in the early 19th century." It is probable that the pitcher referenced in this letter was one of the two pitchers offered here