Benny Kreiner

General Antiques Specialist, Transportation (2017 to present)

Benny Kreiner

From the Queen City of Cincinnati to the Queen City of the Shenandoah Valley, Benny Kreiner uprooted and moved to Staunton, Virginia.

Like the many winding roads through the Blue Ridge Parkway, Benny has had many career paths with a B.S. in Sports Medicine at Wilmington College, OH, working with the Anthony Muñoz Foundation, and working in the sporting goods industry for over fifteen years. His passion for history and antiques has finally guided him to Jeffery S. Evans & Associates.


Benny has a dog Prancer and two cats Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. In his spare time Benny loves attending local farm auctions and traveling. Benny has also been featured in the New England Antiques Journal.

Benny Kreiner
My favorite piece 
November 14, 2015: Lot 273