Joshua D. Earl

Registrar (2018 to present)


Growing up out west Josh lived in Utah, Colorado, & Washington state before calling Virginia home. Brought up in a house full of antiques, Josh has always appreciated 19th century handmade Americana. Prior to moving to Virginia Josh enjoyed making annual trips to the east coast, attending auctions and estate sales, acquiring items less common out west. After finding his new home located on a civil war battlefield his first choice was to start a new career working for Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates. 

Josh previously worked as the lead broker for a major Mint specializing in all forms of precious metals including: Bullion, Numismatic Coins, Jewelry, & Flatware. Facilitating millions of dollars in yearly transactions have given him a unique perspective working with valuable materials as well as all different type of investors and businesses. Prior to working as a metals broker Josh worked as a massage therapist for a Spa/Yoga studio. Josh has been a dedicated student of yoga for over 10 years and is still passionate about practicing daily.

Working in an industry he is exceedingly passionate about has made Josh a perfect fit working as part of the JSE&A team.

Joshua D. Earl
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February 16, 2018: Lot 381