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Consignment Request

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Provenance (the history of the ownership of an object) is an extremely important factor to many collectors and dealers. Solid documented provenance can result in a bid price that is several times higher than that which a comparable item without provenance may bring. If any of your items carry provenance, list it here.
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     If we provide estimates for items that we have not personally inspected, let it be known that they are provided as a guess of value only and NOT AN EXPERT OPINION.


    Because of the inherent difficulties in providing estimates based solely on photographic images, we reserve the right to adjust estimates once we have inspected the items in person. Estimates may be increased, decreased, or more often left as quoted. Of course the owner has the option of retaining any items that receive a decreased estimate.



    A pre-auction estimate may be provided as part of the consignment process. This is not an appraised value, but an estimate of what we believe your merchandise may bring at public auction in our venue. Estimates are based on past-sale history of similar items, current market trends, condition, age, provenance, etc.

    The majority of our items are sold without reserve, therefore, if you are expecting a certain return on a particular item, please voice this during the evaluation process. If we feel that your expectation is unattainable at auction, we may suggest another avenue.