Jeffrey S. Evans

President Senior Auctioneer and Department Head, Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Scholar, Independent Curator

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Beverley A. Evans

Executive Vice President

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Missy Muterspaugh

Photography Assistant

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Heather Cline

Ceramics Department Head, Director of Museum Services (2018 to present)

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Joshua D. Earl

Registrar (2018 to present)

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Ellen Fields

Shipping and Front Office Coordinator  (2017 to present)

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Karen Reed (Retired)

Former Glass Specialist (1995 to 2012)

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Janice Hannah

Vice President-Director of Consignments and Operations (2017 to present)

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William F. Kimbrough (VAR 4724)

Auctioneer, Vice President-Department Head, Americana, Fine Art, and Research Specialist (2013 to present)

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Chase Lanford

Department Head, American and European Glass (2014 to present)

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Adrian Lindamood (VAR 4725)

Auctioneer, Transportation and Photography Assistant (2013 to present)

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William H. McGuffin

Head of Photography, Research Specialist (1995 to present)

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Barbara Morris

Head of Shipping, Lighting and Sewing Specialist (2004 to present)

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Hannah Paulk

General Antiques Specialist (2018 to present)

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The Packing Crew

The Packing Crew is headed by Barbara Morris and includes Frances BaileyNorma CampbellJohanna ChandlerMissy Muterspaugh, Johnny May, and Patti Gibson. Our dedicated packing crew consists of part-time workers who certainly seem like full-time! It generally takes 2-3 weeks of steady work after each auction to complete the last of the 150-200 packing jobs we receive. This hardworking group carefully handles and packs lots won that are then transported by UPS (our normal carrier within the USA) and USPS (international shipments). As Shipping Manager, Barbara is often working right along side her team and personally handles some of the more complicated packing jobs. All members of the team treat each piece as it if were their own and they have received praise again and again for their efforts. Some of the many kudos received over the past several years include: “…Everything arrived safe and sound, as usual.  The packing was meticulous…please let your packing and shipping department know that I really appreciate their taking the time to do their job correctly.”

“Thank you for the fabulous packing job! The double boxing, etc. was amazing and of course it arrived in perfect condition.”

“I purchased many lots in the last auction and I want to thank the person who packaged & wrapped the items for shipping.  Great job!”

“I received the package yesterday and just wanted to say thanks!  The careful packing was amazing.”

“Such lovely items.  And the awesome packaging job for that low price…LOVE IT!”

“My package arrived safely in Australia.  Please pass on my thanks for the care taken with the packaging.”

“My portrait arrived safely today.  I have reminded myself not to badger you anymore re timing of shipping.  The job you do on packing is top-notch and obviously requires time.  Thanks for all the care you take, it’s really appreciated.”


Johanna Chandler
Packing Crew
(2013 to present)


Frances Bailey (Retired)
Packing Crew
(2000 to 2019)


Johnny May
Packing Crew
(2018 to present)

Norma_Web_1 scaled

Norma Campbell (Retired)
Packing Crew
(2018 to 2019)


Patti Gibson
Packing Crew
(2020 to present)

Our Pets

Lacey Shadow Sammy

Lacey, Shadow & Sammy




Adam West