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This title is available through our online store.

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Published in conjunction with the exhibit of the same name at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Hagerstown, MD.

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This is the catalogue for the 2006 JAHA temporary exhibit.

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Lists information on many known cabinetmakers who worked between the years 1640-1940.

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Many consider this the “bible” of antique furniture collecting.

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These two volumes together are the ultimate resource for oil lamps. 

Oil Lamps 3: Victorian Kerosene Lighting 1860-1900

Catherine M. V. Thuro, Collector Books, 2001
An outstanding addition to the Thuro series.

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Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers

Revised 4th edition, Dorothy T. Rainwater and Judy Redfield, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1998.
A very good resource.

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International Hallmarks on Silver Collected by Tardy

Tardy, Self Published, 1985, 2000

Jewelers’ Circular Keystone Sterling Flatware Pattern Index

2nd edition, Revised, Kathleen Ellis, ed., Chilton Company, 1995.
Everything you need to know about sterling patterns.

Joseph Richardson and Family: Philadelphia Silversmiths

Martha Gandy Fales, Wesleyan University Press, 1974

Kovels’ American Silver Marks: 1650 to the Present

Ralph & Terry Kovel, Crown Publishers, 1961, 1989.
Very good resource, but should be supplemented with regional studies of silversmiths.

Manufacturers’ Marks on American Coin Silver

John R. McGrew, Argyros Publications, 2004

Old Silver and Old Sheffield Plate

Howard Pitcher Okie, Doubleday and Company, 1928

Russian Silver

Andrei Gilodo, Moscow, 1994

Silver in American Life: Selections from the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University

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Silver in Maryland

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Silversmiths of North Carolina 1696-1860

George Barton Cutten, Self Published, 1984

Silversmiths of Virginia

George Barton Cutten, Dietz Press, 1952

Silversmiths to the Nation, Thomas Fletcher & Sidney Gardiner: 1808-1842

Donald L. Fennimore & Ann K. Wagner, Antique Collectors’ Club, 2007

South Carolina Silversmiths 1690-1860

E. Milby Burton, The Oglethorpe Press, 1968, 1985

Starting to Collect Silver

John Luddington, Antique Collectors’ Club, 1984

Sterling Flatware Pattern Index, 2nd Edition

Kathleen Ellis, Jewelers’ Circular Keystone, 1970, 1995

Sterling Silver Flatware for Dining Elegance

Richard Osterbert, Schiffer Publishing, 1994

Tennessee Silversmiths

Benjamin Hubbard Caldwell, Jr., MESDA, 1988

Tiffany Silver Flatware: 1845-1905

William P. Hood, Jr. with Roslyn Berlin & Edward Wawrynek, Antique Collectors’ Club, 1999

Tiffany Silver

Charles H. Carpenter, Jr. with Mary Grace Carpenter, Dodd, Mead, & Company, 1978, 1984

Understanding Antique Silver Plate

Stephen J. Helliwell, Antique Collectors’ Club, 1996, 1997, 2000

Virginia Silversmiths, Jewelers, Clock- and Watchmakers, 1607-1860, Their Lives and Marks

Catherine B. Hollan, Hollan Press, 2010.
Assembled from more than 30 years of research, Catherine Hollan has produced the most comprehensive and encyclopedic volume within the field of Southern silver.
Comprising 1,798 biographies and more than 930 photographs of the marks of 324 Virginia silversmiths, this 1,092 page tome takes its place among the most ambitious and successful studies of regional American decorative arts ever written.

“A Great Deal of Stone & Earthen Ware,” The Rockingham County, Virginia School of Folk Pottery

Jeffrey S. Evans and Scott Hamilton Suter
The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, 2004
Published in conjunction with the HRHS exhibit of the same name.
This title is available through our online store.

Review from Kurt C. Russ, excerpted from the publication, Ceramics in America (2005):

“Presenting good-quality color photographs of those pieces with accompanying text in a well-conceived format, the catalog serves as an indispensable reference for Virginia pottery. The detailed captions highlight variations that are the basis for attributions as well as those that distinguish different potters, influences, or decorators. Associated photographs detailing important vessel attributes, such as capacity stamps, makers’ marks, handle types, and rim configurations, document variations among wares.”

“An intimate familiarity with local wares and an understanding of the broader industry allowed the co-curators to make attributions and to identify outside influences accounting for certain vessel types and their decorative embellishments. An example is their identification of the sunflower decoration on a stamped Mount Crawford crock (p. 67, no. 101) as resembling decoration on Alexandria stoneware. They interpret this design as being introduced by Shinnick or perhaps Duey, both of whom worked previously in Alexandria or Baltimore. Another example is their perceptive association that both the batter jug form (p. 104, no. 208) and the bird motif on a local vessel (p. 49, no. 54) resemble Cowden and Wilcox Pottery production. These examples speak to a broad understanding of ceramics both within and beyond the region. By limiting their study to wares from the region where they had conducted hands-on research, the authors successfully avoided the pitfalls of inaccurate attributions, errors of interpretation, omissions, and inadequate references inherent in broader considerations.”

Arkansas Made: Volume 1

Swannee Bennett & William B. Worthen, The University of Arkansas Press, 1990

Arkansas Made: Volume 2

Swannee Bennett & William B. Worthen, The University of Arkansas Press, 1991

Artists in the Life of Charleston

Anna Wells Rutledge, University of South Carolina Press, Revised 1980 (Original 1949)

The Art and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture and Its Makers Through 1850

Derita Coleman Williams & Nathan Harsh, Tennessee Historical Society, Tennessee State Museum Foundation, 1988

Art of Tennessee

Benjamin H., Caldwell Jr., Robert Hicks, Mark W. Scala, First Center for the Visual Arts, 2003

Charleston Furniture 1700-1825

E. Milby Burton, The Charleston Museum, 1955

Classical Norfolk Furniture 1810-1840

Thomas R. J. Newbern & James R. Melchor, Turner Publishing Company, 2004

The Clocks of Shenandoah

Philip Whitney, Self Published, 1983

Considerable Grace: The Southern Roots of the Kentucky Shaker Dining Room, An Exhibition of Antebellum Kentucky and Tennessee Dining Room Furniture and Silver

Tommy Hines, Shaker Museum at South Union, 1999

Dixie Clockmakers

James W. Gibbs, Pelican Publishing, 1979

Early Furniture of Louisiana

Jessie J. Poesch, The Louisiana State Museum, 1972

Early Georgia Portraits

Marion Converse Bright, Historical Activities Committee State Chairman, University of Georgia Press, 1975

Eastern Shore, Virginia Raised-Panel Furniture 1730-1830

James R. Melchor, N. Gordon Lohr, Marilyn S. Melchor, The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA, 1982

Edenton Furniture and Culture

Thomas R. J. Newbern and James R. Melchor, Self Published, 2008

Folk and Decorative Art of The Shenandoah Valley

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Published in conjunction with the exhibit of the same name at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts Hagerstown, MD.

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An introduction to folklife of the region including material culture.

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An exhibit catalogue that features the work of Daniel Suter, Christian and Henry Theis, Alexander Coffman and Adam Kersh.
The above title is available through our online store.

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The most comprehensive guide to pattern glass goblets.

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Published in conjunction with the 2005 exhibit by the same name at the Frick Center, Pittsburgh, PA.

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Very good for identification, but time consuming to use.

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These are first off the shelf when I’m trying to identify a pattern. The patterns are grouped logically and are easy to find if you have a general knowledge of pattern glass.
Each pattern has a list of forms produced known by Mrs. Metz. While these lists are not all encompassing, they do for the most part only list pieces that were actually made. The prices should not be used however, as they are obviously outdated.

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A researcher’s dream. All reference books should be this well organized and easy to use.

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An indispensable series; highly recommended (see below).

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This title is available through our online store.

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This title is available through our online store.

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The final tome from the late Ken Wilson. We all miss him greatly.
This title is available through our online store.

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