William H. McGuffin

Head of Photography, Research Specialist (1995 to present)

William H. McGuffin

Will graduated in 1993 with a B.A. in Historic Preservation. In 1994 after working for an antique restoration company in Rhode Island, Will moved back to the Valley and began working for Green Valley Auctions as an auction coordinator. While in this position, his duties included assessing antiques with an emphasis on furniture, and preparing the auction gallery for sale day by identifying and categorizing the merchandise. 

Jeff Evans’ auction catalogues are acclaimed not only for the detailed item descriptions, but also for the outstanding photographs of the auction lots. The well-deserved praise goes to Will McGuffin, who as photographer and photo editor, is responsible for all photography services including auction catalogues, website, and any other special projects. For Jeff’s 2009 MESDA lecture on 18th-20th century Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Seating Forms, Will photographed all of the chairs and produced an impressive full-color visual aid to complement the presentation, and he was also the photographer for the exceptional 2004 Evans/Suter Shenandoah Valley pottery exhibit catalogue, “A Great Deal of Stone & Earthen Ware.” 

Will also handles and examines a wide variety of fine antiques while working closely with Jeff Evans. In 2004, during a routine appraisal of the Modisett estate of Page County, VA, Will immediately recognized the historic and artistic significance of a hanging “medicine cabinet.” The Johannes Spitler decorated Shenandoah Valley of Virginia wall cupboard descended directly from fraktur artist Jacob Strickler, and is considered to be one of the most important American Folk Art discoveries in the last 30 years.